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Personal Championship of the SGA

The Personal Championship of the SGA (PKA or PK SGA) this year is part of the Amsterdam Chess Open. This means that after the tournament prizes will be awarded to the best performing SGA-members. Underneath you will find the regulations regarding the PKA.

Regulations Personal Championship SGA incorporated in the Amsterdam Open

1. Eligibility

Players who are a member of an SGA-club (as stated in the Online Member Administration of the KNSB) are eligible to partake in the PK SGA.

2. Champion of the SGA

The highest scoring member of the SGA in group A is champion of the SGA and will receive the Wil Haggenburg-trophy and earns a place in the qualifiers of the NK Algemeen 2024.

3. The order of the highest placing players in every group will be decided by:
    a. score
    b. mutual results
    c. Buchholz-points
    d. Sonneborn-Berger-score
    e. TPR

4. Monetary prizes
    To the highest finishing SGA player(s) in every group
 a monetary prize will be awarded:
    Group A: €250,-  ; group B: €100,-  ; group C: €75,- ; group D: €75,-
    In case of an equal score the prizes will be split.



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